Friday, January 21, 2005

Colin Mochrie website
Fun to look through, he sounds like a nice guy. He is a good cook and has some very good recipes. The rice salad sounds easy and yummy. Gotta check how many points rice has.
The Colin Mochrie Corner is fast becoming one of the most popular on the Web second only to the Greg Proops Fashion Tips Page. Please enjoy your time here because we're all going to die anyway... sorry just working out some personal stuff. It helps if you view this while chanting a mantra. I personally use "Ryan Stiles isn't that funny... Ryan Stiles isn't that funny" Give it a try. Have fun.

Monday, January 17, 2005

They're just sucking us dry, aren't they.... And we're quite willing to keep drinking!

Peter Jackson is deep into mega-monkey shines as production continues on his redo of King Kong at his home base of Wellington, New Zealand.

But once the great ape tale is unveiled Dec. 14, he has some unfinished Lord of the Rings business to tend to — such as an ultimate DVD collection of the extended versions of the Oscar-winning trilogy, not likely to arrive in stores for another two or three years.

"We really don't have a definitive plan," he says during a brief break on the Kong set. Just don't expect Jackson to edit together the three epic-length features into a single, 11-hour-long fantasia.

"I don't want to add more footage," Jackson says. "There's as much in there as we want. Eventually you are just going to go backward and weaken the films." Instead, he would prefer to simply show the unused deleted scenes (and, yes, there are more than a few leftovers) and explain why they were cut.

The Rings master also would like to include feature-length documentaries, put together by longtime associate Costa Botes, on the making of the movies. "There are no commentary or interviews. It's like a reality TV show," Jackson says.

The largest still-untapped source of amusement are the bloopers — or "bleepers," as Jackson calls them. The flubs previously were shown only during private farewell tributes for major cast members as they took their leave of Middle-earth.