Saturday, April 26, 2003

This is cool.

Boy wizard Harry Potter has conjured up enough cash to catapult author J. K. Rowling past Queen Elizabeth on Britain's annual "rich list," published in this week's Sunday Times newspaper. With 280 million pounds ($445.5 million), the author -- who wrote her first novel about a boy wizard while a single parent living on a state benefit of only $111 a week -- is now Britain's 122nd richest person. Of her fortune, $238.7 million came from her books and the rest from film rights and Harry Potter merchandise. The fifth book in the series is due out this summer and the third film is on its way. Queen Elizabeth, with $397.8 million is ranked a mere 133rd on the list of her wealthy subjects.

Howard Shore has seen the rough cut of The Return of the King. Only eight months to go!

"I can tell you that having seen The Return of the King, it is a great film," says Canadian composer Howard Shore. "It is amazing."

Going to visit John & Paula tonight. Taking a key lime pie from local baker.