Monday, August 18, 2003

Scotland and tourism

Scotland is hoping to boost tourism in the Highlands by linking itself with the Harry Potter movies. Parts of the films were made in Scotland. Glenfinnan Viaduct served as one background and the Jacobite Steam Train was featured in the movies according to this article in the Sunday Herald. They would like to model the partnership between New Zealand and the Lord of the Rings movies.

"The national tourism organisation in New Zealand was in at the very beginning, Air New Zealand was a strategic partner and was able to take ownership of this from the very beginning.”

Sunday, August 17, 2003

Time on their hands

Some people have lots of time on their hands. I cannot imagine how long it took to find photos at the same angle etc. This page with the LOTR characters matched up with the actors' real appearance is interesting to LOTR nerds like us.

Fellowship of the Ring

We listened to the "Cast" commentary on the extended Fellowship of the Rings DVD last night. The hobbits were together as they watched it. The rest of the cast's comments were woven in. Merry/Pippin/Frodo/Sam: the actors' friendship was apparent. Dom and Billy are a hoot to listen to. Their description of the "game" of Tig was worth the time.

Mental Tune-ups!

Hey Kids,
Don't just sit there reading fan fiction! Exercise those gray cells by trying some of the puzzles at Carolyn I. Gundrum is a school librarian in Michigan. Her page of puzzles and games is excellent. You can actually win at Dots even though you "go first!"