Friday, January 09, 2004

Shakespeare on PBS

This program starts on February 4, 2004. It sounds terriffic!

Coming Soon:
coming soon...In Search of Shakespeare on PBS
The story of William Shakespeare is a mystery, a detective story and an Elizabethan thriller.

Post-Reformation England is not the 'Merrie England' that it's frequently portrayed to be; this is a world where faith in the wrong religion can get you hung, drawn and quartered, where a paranoid monarchy has spies on every corner. Where the unprecedented popularity of the new theatre was a serious cause of concern to the all pervasive Authorities.

Monday, January 05, 2004

Interview with LOTR crew has an interview with the cast. Good reading for those of us who cannot get enough. This is from Elijah Wood:

I mean, me personally, I couldn't really come to terms with it. I couldn't believe it, after four years, that it was all coming to an end. My last day, I was completely drained. I had knots in my stomach all day. ... The last shot ... was too perfect, actually, because the last shot was one of the last scenes in the movie, where Frodo is in Bag End before he goes to the Gray Haven ... where he's writing the last bit of the book, and Sam comes and says, 'It's all over.' And Frodo says, 'No, there's room for a little more.' And it had this whole meaning tied into it. ... And everybody came on to see it, and I remember we did five or six takes, ... and Peter came over to me and broke down, like gave me a hug, and broke down on my shoulder. It was so, so sad. Everybody was crying.

Funny and touching, read what John Rhys-Davies says about "the" tattoo. Also this from Billy Boyd:

Billy, did you have any idea that you would be singing in this?

Boyd: No, no idea. That wasn't in the script. ... I loved it. I love to sing, and it's such a big part of Tolkien's books and such a big part of the hobbits. ... [Jackson] wanted a serious song from a hobbit in this great Hall of Man, where he just wants to go home, you know? So he asked me to write something, and I wrote that melody to one of Tolkien's poems about missing your home. And I wanted it to sound old, like it's from a different generation, not from Pippin's generation, like a song that his grandfather would sing. ... I wrote this melody, and Pete and Fran and [co-writer] Philippa [Boyens] liked it, and yeah, it's in the film.